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A community for real criticism... piece by piece...

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As opposed to the communities all over the web where every level of writing -- be it from elementary schoolers, college professors, netspeak in-text or no -- and where responses may include any amount of useful information in the response (or, heck, none at all), we at ink_aficionados are looking to band together a particular bunch of writers. Specifically, we are looking for writers that are advanced in the craft and who want to further advance -- writers that have a good grasp on grammar and know where the spell-check button is, but may not be sure if they can capture mood well or have some troubles with smoothly revealing a character. And more than that, we are looking for writers that want to help other writers improve in these areas as well by providing thorough criticisms which are tailored to each specific work, and that point out the good, the bad, and ways to improve.

This community is not for everyone. In fact members who do not contribute to the progressive environment are not welcome. Such members include those who are not at a similar level of skill to other members, those who do either do not offer criticisms or do not offer proper criticisms (ie. "OMG! That's great!"), and those who cannot handle their works being picked apart (we aim to help, but before joining members should know that criticisms are not required to be delicate and nice; bluntness is just as appreciated).

While the primary function of the community is to post works and have our writing poked at by our fellow writer-critics, on-topic discussion is also encouraged! (However, please keep in mind that this does not mean questions such as, "What's the difference between to, too, and two?" so much as, "What do you think helps/harms the portrayal of a villain?")

Please read the information below before applying for membership; if you do not display a familiarness with the rules and requirements, you will likely be banned.


Ink_aficionados is love. Join here.

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Community Pimp-age

You know you love us; help us pimp!


1. Respect other members. Don't be rude or disrespectful, to other people or their ideas.
2. DO NOT SPAM YOUR WORK. This community is for getting specific criticisms on a piece, or to learn about your general strong/weak points in writing, not promoting your webpage or gallery, etc. Additionally, the same work should only be posted once (unless it has been seriously edited/revised since its last posting) and an individual should use discretion in how often they post.
3a. Be receptive to criticisms and willing to give criticism to others. This isn't a place to simply showcase works; it is designed for writers to help other writers improve.
3b. Replies to writing entries that are simply "OMG! That's great!" or "Wow. Nice." are not tolerated; if you can't offer something specific to the piece then please do not reply.
4. Het, slash, femmeslash and none of the above are all regarded equally. Don't disrespect any of them. You don't have to read the stories they're a part of, but please try to be helpful to the writers whose stories contain these themes and discuss with them.
5. Anything not behind a cut must be at or below a PG-13 rating. The code is < lj - cut > without the spaces.
6. Please put long posts, and everything that contains writing behind a cut.
7. Fanfiction is discouraged, and please ask the moderaters (e-mail provided above) before posting.
8. Introduction posts are welcome, but not mandatory. However, this does not mean off-topic posts are acceptable.

If you have any questions on the rules, or aren't sure your post is appropriate, feel free to e-mail it to the address above and the maintainers will be happy to help you.


Community Requirements
Your work should be spellchecked and looked over for grammar and other common mistakes before submitted. We are NOT here to teach you the basics (their, there, they're being an example). If this is an honest mistake, we will point it out. However, this community is aimed at people who are advanced in this area (or at least having passed a 6th grade English class) and looking to continue to advance. We want to improve your writing, not your English skills. If this is a weak area, we will point you in the direction of a few websites. However, this -- I repeat -- is not our focus. We are also not here to teach you how to write. You should know the basics. We're here to improve your writing. If we feel your writing is not suited for this environment, you may be asked to leave or join later on. If this is the case, do not get dishearted. Do research. This is a great place to start.

Members are expected to offer detailed critism towards other member's work. Such areas may include characterization, plot, style, flow/wording, dialogue, and visualization. Try to include something positive in your responses. (Advise them, but don't crush their dreams.) While a writer's plot may be lacking, offer encouragement about other areas that they do well in such as characterization. An example of which might be 'While I felt your plot had a few holes -- in example, Joe Bob's move to North Carolina never being explained -- your characterization is almost flawless. Joe Bob is a character that the reader automatically identifies with. His friendship with Fred George and Evan Vendor has great potential as well as his relationship with Mary Sue.'. A good paragraph response is the minium length if only because you would like the favor returned.

When replying, be polite. Explain your reasons for saying certain things. In the above, the reader would go on to say why Joe Bob's friendships and romance have potential. And why the plot is lacking. Offer suggestions for how to improve these areas. Also, don't be afraid to ask quesitons. This makes the writer think about their story. It's a great opportunity for you to not only get to know the writer, perhaps even improve your own writing, but help them better their story.


Suggested Format for Posting Writings*
Warnings**: (Are gore, sexuality, or other controversial issues a major portion of your writing? Put that here so someone doesn't unexpectedly become uncomfortable. *See below.)

your writing here!

Remember, this is just a suggested format. Stick to it exactly, add or remove stuff, or throw it all out the window! Just make sure to include important information.

*If you post something that you may want published at some point in the future, we suggest that you friends-lock the entry as it prevents publishing issues; we are not responsible for any issues you have with publishing due to posting on this forum (Also, save the link to the entry and delete your post once it is published, just for good measure).

**Warnings are required if there is content above a PG-13 rating. You don't need to go into detail, just mention it briefly. And if you're unsure, air on the safe side or ask a mod (e-mail above).



If you have questions, concerns, etc. about the community, please contact us through the above e-mail and not through our personal journals.