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18 August 2005 @ 06:36 pm
Well, since only one person replied to the prompt post last week (http://www.livejournal.com/community/ink_aficionados/10547.html), there really isn't anything for us to do for the rest of the month...

But, since last week didn't go so well, we're curious as to why. Did you not have a particular interest in this month's topic? Do you think you'll participate in the future?
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Also, on a completely unrelated note...
If you have a work that you're going to post more than one part of, consider linking to previous parts or having the same subject line for all related parts. It's not required, just a suggestion if you want a way to connect posts regarding the same story.
18 August 2005 @ 08:35 am
Title: Requiem, Prologue
Genre: High fantasy
Warnings: none.

I had to take a 20,000 word story and distill the most important points into this one scene, the last scene of a story which otherwise has nothing else to do with the rest of the book. As it stands right now, this prologue really pisses me off. But although I could theoretically eliminate it entirely, I want this scene first for stylistic reasons. So either make me fell better about my choice, or help me make it better. Or at least, help me figure out what bugs me so much about it. Thanks.

PS. If you read the other thing I posted, ignore all characterization of Marijat. He was being watched by someone who didn't know him at all. If you haven't read what I posted earlier, don't bother, since it takes place later, and I only posted it for specific bias-free feedback.

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12 August 2005 @ 08:44 am
After a lovely greeting from Fin, I'm brave enough to post the rough draft of "Meet Max". It's written for preschoolers, and my idea is for several characters who will be introduced in different books. Each has a diverse, "nontraditional" family. There's more, but I'll save that for later.

I included the initial character creation I did as a way of providing material for my lovely critics. Perhaps you can think of ways I can incorporate this information into this (very) short book?

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11 August 2005 @ 09:35 pm
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- - -

If there were brownie points, they would so be going to whoever can guess those quotes... Anyway. If there's any confusion as to what this is about see a previous post here. To submit your piece based on the above (for critic, of course), reply to this with the following information:

Story Title: (Linked Title Here)


Also, we've added "Frequently" Asked Questons (FAQ) here! (Check them out. There might be a question you've asked up!)
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11 August 2005 @ 02:31 pm
kehrli pointed me here, saying it was a good group so far. I'm looking forward to it. I'm into fantasy and sci-fi, particularly stuff of a dark nature. I've got a strange, sick sense of humor, and I'm sure it comes across in my work. My current project is based partly in my hatred of most vampire stories, despite the fact that I love vampires. It's full of complex politics and inner turmoil without being to angsty (I hope.)
Authors who I'm drawing tremendous inspiration from are George RR Martin, Frank Herbert, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Patricia Wrede, Ursula LeGuin and Umberto Eco.

Title: Requiem
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Warnings: There's not terribly graphic sex in there, and violence, and horrible people.

First off, I want to say that this scene is a lie. On its own, it doesn't give an accurate impression of (most of) the characters. Which is why I'm posting it first, without any background info. Just know that Vittore is the student, partner and occasional bed-buddy of Marijat, who's a necromancer, and Diralest is a Walker, who assists necromancers. She's helping Vittore frame Marijat for something. She also just helped him bring a baby back to life, and they're celebrating their achievements. I want you to tell me the impression you get of the characters, and if the scene seems fake somehow, so I can tell if if I'm doing what I want to do.

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11 August 2005 @ 01:55 pm
I'm a bit nervous about joining. I'm a technical writer by trade and English major by night. I've always been shy about writing, and only recently have I actually gotten brave enough to venture into "writer" territory.

I took a memoir-writing class last semester and found that some of my writing was well received, but I have much to learn. I know little to nothing about the conventions of good creative writing, but I'm hoping that some on-the-job training, so to speak, will help that. What better way to learn than to dive into the icy waters, no?

So, I'll soon post a chapter for you to tear to shreds. [Tearing is most welcome, by the way.]

I've also decided that I'm going to try my hand at writing a children's book or two. The reason? Soley because I cannot find good children's books for my son that include tolerance and diversity--as a rule, at least--in common, everyday topics. We'll see how that goes. Perhaps this community could provide feedback on children's books as well?

Anywho, here I am. I look forward to the arse-kicking--I mean reviewing--you have to offer.
08 August 2005 @ 08:48 pm
I wasn't going to share any of this particular story. Its kind of a project too near and dear to my heart to let people see before it's finished most of the time. However, there is something off about the prologue and it is driving me positively crazy. So I'm begging for help. Rip it to shreds!

Name: Harley Quinn
Title: Redemption (working title only)
Genre: I guess you could call it horror... kind of...
WarningsLanguage. Only a little bit.

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05 August 2005 @ 12:14 am
Well, here's the update we've been talking about, and here's to hoping that it won't involve quite so much economic turmoil or international depressions as previous similarly named items. It's a good bit o' reading, so please click the cut (this is the official must-read update portion of the entry).
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Now, let's get this ball rolling!

This month's theme: Description

If you're interested in participating in the discussion, it's behind the cut.
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Please post discussion replies in comments to this entry. Thank you.
Several members have mentioned that they were unsure of what to say in their responses. The below are only suggestions, but please refer back to them if you're unsure of what to areas (whether positive or negative) to address in your responses to a story. While the reader does appreciates knowing that you like the story, they also want to know how they can improve it or what particular areas they did well in.

Response GuidelinesCollapse )

Also, we would like to restate an important portion of the userinfo. Rule 3b states that "Replies to writing entries that are simply "OMG! That's great!" or "Wow. Nice." are not tolerated; if you can't offer something specific to the piece then please do not reply." Lately, some of these replies have shown up, and they have been deleted. Don't think that we don't want you to tell the writers they've done well. We only want you to be more specific. If these replies are left, we worry that others will join, see this, and follow in example. Instead, try to focus on the areas above. Tell the writer what moved you, what was well done, what you enjoyed, what made you laugh. Do unto others what you would like done for you.

There aren't many of these responses, however. And in general people are doing a great job. However, we just want to remind you of the purpose of this community.

Should you wish to refer to the guidelines above in the future, they will be added to the memories section.

*Note: It's not that saying 'Hey. This was good. But your characterization was off a bit and you could give Billy Joe a few more flaws' (even though we would prefer a little more in your responses) but only saying, 'Hey, I enjoyed reading this'.

**Another Note: If your comment was deleted today and you have questions as to why, feel free to e-mail ink_aficionados@yahoo.com. Next time, we'll respond to it before deletion so you know why we chose to do so.
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Dear members,

While thanks yous are very much appreciated, try to save them for your next update or in reply to reviewer's responses. I suspect this community is going to grow -- and quickly -- and on top of that, many of our lurkers will be posting. Thus, to preventing spamming of everyone's friend's list, it would be wise to keep post outside of mod posts, stories, and introductions to a minimum.

As for the information mentioned in Al's post, this should begin on Thursday. Why Thursday? I was born on a Thursday. My ego won't allow otherwise.

What everyone's doing... what can I say? I'm impressed. This community is really becoming a sucess because of all you.

Much love.

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