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02 September 2007 @ 11:33 pm
Market - Digitalis Obscura  
(please note, I own this project)

Digitalis Obscura was founded to give a place for writers to express their voices - their thoughts, their threads and tapestries.  Published on a blog, with a monthly roundup in PDF/newsletter format - plus four times yearly 'anthology' editions in print, on CD and in e book format, this site pays a $5 honorarium regardless of submission.  Pays extra for anthology featured items.

We are also seeking editors and others for a share of revenue and modest payment (where possible) - you'll get your own email, web space, your modest honorarium, free advertising space, and the chance to work with some really cool people.  Email me at editor@digitalisobscura.com for more details, but please, be professional.  'What's up?' doesn't really cut it with me :).

Finally, we're looking for guest bloggers - no pay, but if you want a book tour venue, or a place to vent about the latest thing thats bugging YOU in the writing community, or a place to share information that you might not otherwise have the chance to share with a wider audience - or you just want to drive likeminded traffic to your site, email me at beaguest@digitalisobscura.com