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05 September 2008 @ 12:35 am
This one gave me some problems for a while. I think I have it mostly worked out, but it could use some polish. Comment at will, I appreciate it.

Shaded Bend

As we came around the shaded bend, we noticed change

White flecked ivy had grown where there was none before

Colors of rust leaked into ducts etched by spring’s harsh rains

Mist clutched to the corners that could no longer endure

Waspish query crawled from the cracks in our minds

Are our alterations so apparent?

Are our marks more obscure?

Is times lash as severe on skin as stone?

And yet, for every pressure-chipped fissure,

--a tale was told

For all the weather-worn edges,

--a new surface exposed

This gilded epiphany proved the Rubicon’s fare,

--sparkful as flinted manna settling our stride

Now the axioms of the bend unfold like an altered insect,

--and we walk with rejuvenated wonder

Conscious that all seasons blend from buds

--to blossoms

--to berries

While still ignoring the crystalline clink of two coins for the coming ferry

02 September 2007 @ 11:33 pm
(please note, I own this project)

Digitalis Obscura was founded to give a place for writers to express their voices - their thoughts, their threads and tapestries.  Published on a blog, with a monthly roundup in PDF/newsletter format - plus four times yearly 'anthology' editions in print, on CD and in e book format, this site pays a $5 honorarium regardless of submission.  Pays extra for anthology featured items.

We are also seeking editors and others for a share of revenue and modest payment (where possible) - you'll get your own email, web space, your modest honorarium, free advertising space, and the chance to work with some really cool people.  Email me at editor@digitalisobscura.com for more details, but please, be professional.  'What's up?' doesn't really cut it with me :).

Finally, we're looking for guest bloggers - no pay, but if you want a book tour venue, or a place to vent about the latest thing thats bugging YOU in the writing community, or a place to share information that you might not otherwise have the chance to share with a wider audience - or you just want to drive likeminded traffic to your site, email me at beaguest@digitalisobscura.com

08 April 2006 @ 02:20 pm

A post n run - don't have time to do the tags n stuff - but I will do them later! my apologies, but I wanted to get this up before I leave my office!

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29 March 2006 @ 01:09 pm
Theme: memory
No particular warnings, a test try into modernist writing

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16 January 2006 @ 01:29 pm
Hello to everyone. I'm kinda new to LJ, but I enjoy writing and thought maybe I could get a little help from those who are willing. I love commenting and reading stuff, so I'll do my very best to be active here.

I'm kinda young and have very little experience, but I try. I'll probably post a story or something very soon. Nice to meet you all.
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14 October 2005 @ 05:20 pm
kaiberie and hpbutterfly, welcome to mod-dom...ness. Sorry for the delay, but Fin and I have unspeakable troubles with computers and the 'net at the moment. So, have at it. We'd really appreciate it if you stuck with the basic goal - to have a community provide real criticism and be geared to seriously help writers improve - but of course, you don't have to.
We'll un-mod ourselves on the members page sometime next week (read: hopefully Monday/Tuesday, but no guarantees we'll be able to get online by then) after it's pretty clear that you aren't going to convert it into something weird/offensive/whatever... not that we think you would just we love our baby ;.; . We'd appreciate it if you could just let us sit 'till then; we aren't going to be doing anything with the status though so you don't have to worry on that count, and you two are still the functioning mods. Do whatever you like, really.
Let us know if you want the password to the e-mail addy.

To the members:
Fin and I are really sorry we didn't do a better job running this place. The timing just wasn't good, apparently.

Best of luck to the new mods!
14 October 2005 @ 11:29 am
Hi guys! I do hope that this post is appropriate for this community; I remember reading that this community is open to all sorts of writing, not just fiction. =)

I'm writing my honors thesis on fan fiction and its intellectual merit. I've found some excellent resources and critical essays on fan fiction, fan culture, and pop culture, but I'l really love to incorporate some firsthand accounts into the paper, especially since one of my main points is that fan fiction is popular. (And because my professors are completely clueless about it.) So if you are willing, I made a brief survey (it took me five minutes to fill out). I'll give all participants full credit and much gratitude, of course. While this is project is ongoing through December, I'd appreciate having responses by 11 November 2005 so I can have enough time to incorporate your input in a meaningful way. If you'd prefer to e-mail me privately, my address is lilmissppg @ msn.com. Thanks so much for your help.

Fan Fiction SurveyCollapse )

If you do not read or write fan fiction, I'd love to know why. I'd also love know know your impression of people who do.

Any questions, holla. Thanks so much, folks.
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09 October 2005 @ 02:23 pm
Because of time restraints and lack of interest, Al and I no longer feel as though we are suitable mods for this community. However, anyone interested in replacing us, feel free to respond to this post with the following information:

Reasons for wanting to mod:
What would make you a suitable mod:

Thank you.


Note: Also, two mods will be picked on October 11th.
30 August 2005 @ 11:11 am
Largely in response to the prompt :  I haven't had the time I'd like to play with this, real world intrusions being what they are. *shakes fist at inbox*

Name: SJ
Story Title: The Caress
Warnings: One sexual swearword. Adult theme.

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